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Nony Dar Sagol


Professional artist, illustrator and designer.

Nony’s illustrations have appeared in Israel’s major publications and magazines such as Yedioth Ahronot, At, Rating, Maariv, and Maariv weekends edition, Ha’eer, Signon, Lady Globes Magazine and others. She has illustrated the weekly cover of “Achbar Ha’eer”, which used to be the largest weekly guide to Tel Aviv and other major Israeli cities.

Nony has also illustrated prominent books published by israel’s biggest book publishing companies - Am Oved and Yedioth Books - such as: Jonathan Yavin’s Anti and Love VS Friendship, Zvi Israel’s The Vorgegazizitzim’s Riddle Fortress, Dorit Orgad’s Hit and Run, Tamar Verete-Zehavi’s Fear has a Smell and The Nelson Mandela biography.

Her art was also commissioned for companies such as Polyverse Music, Colorworth publication coloring books, Sisters adult store, Emily Children’s bookstore, Curver furniture brand, Animation character design and Mobile app illustrations and countless promotional posters and flyers for music venues and clubs (such as, Barzilay Club, Havana Music club, Comfort 13, Zvika Pik, Boom Pam, Seasonal Beast and more).


B.DES - Shenkar college

M.DES - Shenkar college

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